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Video burp

Maybe some video art is not much more than a burp that you pass by and do not recall the next day, but of course there are many exceptions. The first video that quite impressed me was Home 1 and Home 2 from the Swiss artist Olaf Breuning. I saw his two movies in beginning 2009 in Hessenhuis, Antwerp. Exhibition: ‘A meeting between the tragic and the funny’ In which one of my favorite Belgian artists Dennis Tyfus was joining as well.

Image from Mika Rottenbergs movie Squeeze

Today another video artist managed to impress me! Mika Rottenberg an Argentinian born artist (raised in Israel living currently in NY city) is showing seven of her video works in museum M in Leuven.

What she does in her movie  ‘Squeeze’ is according to me quite innovative…She manages to bring people from different parts of the world, from different traditions together in one composition. She brings the materials the people are working with together, it is the way the people communicate through shared tasks, not words. The images brought together create a new world, a new, absurd maybe even dadaist reality in your head. It comes really close, through the quite beautiful way the structure and sounds from the materials they use are brought into picture…in an abstracted way, clear without loosing it’s essence; knowledge.                         

Anyway you should try and experience it as well..


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